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Sarah + Steve || Virginia Wedding Photography

Sarah and Steve had their wedding a couple of weeks ago at the Kings Family Vineyard in Crozet, Virginia.  They wereView full post »

Teri+Lucas || Wedding

I assisted Claire a few weeks ago at Teri and Lucas’ wedding.  The ceremony took place a Holy Rosary CatholicView full post »

Mitzi+Thanh || Wedding

Mitzi and Thanh got married a couple of weeks ago on a gorgeous Saturday afternoon where the sun was shining bright thatView full post »

Kon + Sandy || Wedding

A couple weeks ago, I had the opportunity to witness the wedding of Kon and Sandy.  It was a small wedding consistingView full post »

Roberto + Natasha || Wedding

A couple weekends ago, I assisted Claire Choi Photography for Roberto and Natasha’s wedding.   Everyone was in aView full post »

Jee+Hoy || Wedding

This weekend I attended Jee and Hoy’s wedding.  It was a special event shared by their families and friends. View full post »


Annie and Linn had their fairy tale wedding in Hawaii a couple of weeks ago.  They did a superb job in settingView full post »


Jason and Debbie had their wedding last month.  It was amazing to witness this event because I knew them when they gotView full post »

Miriam and Jun||Wedding

Yesterday I attended Jun and Miriam’s wedding as a guest. I decided to bring along my camera anyways to get a fewView full post »


A couple weeks ago, I assisted Pat Stewart at Clare and Jaime’s wedding.  Their ceremony was held at St. AloysiusView full post »

Pete & Christina||Wedding

Last month I got the opportunity to photography Pete and Christina’s wedding. I’ve known Pete since he wasView full post »

Thai and Dani||Wedding

A few weeks ago I attended Thai and Dani’s wedding.  They had the traditional Vietnamese tea ceremony in theView full post »

No clouds in the sky||Wedding

A couple of weeks ago, I assisted a fellow photographer, Jennifer Kim, at a wedding in Vienna, VA.   As in everyView full post »

everyone look…

I got to assist at a wedding at the end of the year. This was taken as the sun was setting and I thought it would make aView full post »

l + w

Another wahoo bites the dust. My old college roommate, Will, recently got married to his Lisa at Lansdowne Resort inView full post »