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Lola || Korean 1st Birthday- Dol

Her name was Lola, she was a show girl…Copacabana is one of my favorite karaoke songs to sing and so how fitting was it that Lola chose the microphone for her doljabi?  The night was filled with happiness and laughter as the big family came together to celebrate one of the few girls in the family’s birthday.  A lot of work was put in by family members to make the party a success from all the delicious food and the baked goods made by Lola’s uncle.  Here are a glimpse from the night.


Ethan || Virginia Children’s Photography

The crazy in weather in the DC area postponed our session numerous times throughout the past couple of weeks, there were even storms the morning of and as I was driving out to meet Ethan.  Luckily for us, only sunshine prevailed and the session was completed.  He was very reluctant on smiling for the camera or even looking at the camera but we made the best of the situation and got a few pictures. Ethan’s aunt and uncle came along to the session and relieved Ethan’s parents from having to work hard on getting their boy to be happy.  Here are a few pictures from the day.


OBX- Corolla

I spent a week at the Outer Banks in North Carolina.  It was nice to get away with some friends and worry about nothing except putting on sunblock.  We spent the days eating, playing at the beach, stayed poolside, and stayed up into the late hours just hanging out and talking.  I can’t wait to go another vacation soon but for now, back to the grind.


Clive || Korean 1st Birthday – Dol

Clive would like to welcome you to his 1st birthday party at Chima Brazilian Restaurant in Vienna, Virginia.  According to Clive’s doljabi, his future will be a soccer player with lots of money which made his daddy very happy.  Everyone was happy with the endless meat with chimichurri sauce and devoured the candy bar that was set out.  It would have been a perfect day except little Clive fell over and busted his head on the table.  After the initial shock of his fall, Clive was all smiles and resumed the party and partied til he knocked out. Happy Birthday little guy!

Updating his facebook status about how he busted his head at his 1st birthday party.

Thanks for celebrating with me!