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Easter Egg Hunt

On Easter, my friend’s nephew and niece came up to visit him from Virginia Beach.   He had a Easter egg hunt in his backyard for them and they were really excited about it.  I was able to capture some moments of them in the mayhem.  Emma was going crazy looking for the plastic eggs while Camden had no clue what was going on.  Lucky for him, his big sister was there to share and help him out. easterblog1






Fairfax Rebels||Engagement

Debbie and Jason are high school sweethearts and also some dear old friends.   I had a great time at this engagement session around the various parts of Washington D.C this past weekend.  Granted it was filled with the Cherry Blossom tourists and traffic but we made the best of it by avoiding those crowds.  We ended up at the National Cathedral, Georgetown University, and on the streets of Georgetown.  It was great to see that even after 10 years, Debbie and Jason still have that spark they had back in high school. Congratulations Debbie and Jason!










Flag Football ||Sports

This past weekend, I attended my brother’s flag football game and decided to take some pictures.  The team just got their uniforms so everyone looked pretty snazzy.  So I had a 70-200 lens on the 5d mark II and started shooting away.  While I was shooting, I realized that 200mm is not enough for sports photography.  If I wanted to get really close, then I think I would need a monopod and a 300 or 400mm lens. Sports photography is a whole different world. It’s especially hard at night, when everything is a blur when there is movement.

The guys were acting like they weren’t paying attention to me and my camera but they all secretly wanted their pictures taken.  Now they can’t wait til their next game so they can get their photo op. Here are some of the pictures from the night. Since their game was the last one of the evening and the refs didn’t know that at exactly 11pm the stadium lights would go out, the game ended with 6 minutes remaining. In the last picture,there was just 1 light that was on so I boosted the ISO on the camera to 4000 and took the picture. No light = no problem. Gotta love the 5d mark II!





lights out


Canon 5d mark II awesomeness

At first, I was skeptical about the 1080p video feature on the canon 5d mark II thinking what a waste of space it was on the body. Now that I’ve had a chance to experiment with it, it’s actually pretty nice and handy. It definitely opens the door new possibilities such as integrating video with picture slideshows. This past weekend, I was able to get some video of Hyon Smith teaching during a photography seminar.